Opening your home to a Stranger

I believe some would think I’m crazy and I’d probably agree but not because of this choice.  I feel right giving a child an opportunity to heal and to feel safe.  It really is an amazing feeling to see them smile and act carefree.  There are battles especially with a teen in a new home and some doubts on both sides of why we are all living together.  I started off trying to control the environment and limit the experiences because I felt like that was the right thing to do and when things happened anyway then I realized I couldn’t.  I wanted to protect this child in my home and take measures to make sure they didn’t hurt anymore and then things happened and I realized I couldn’t.  I realized life will happen and that I cant control the situation but I can choose how to love in those situations and how to pick those battles.  I am growing as a person and as a family and realizing our potential and our personal growth and its very humbling.  In terms of the child in our home and his resilients is astounding and him supporting us in the new adventure is quite liberating.




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